Sarah Oliveira, MSc, TCTSY-F

Welcome to Being Me,

A place where you can be you.

I am a psychologist, yoga teacher, nutritional coach and since March ’17 a mommy to our amazing daughter.

I am a native German from Hamburg, but lived abroad for 8.5 years. My husband Marcos and I moved to Hamburg in December ’16 after living in Tel Aviv for many years. In Tel Aviv we co-owned a mind-body lifestyle studio with a variety of services ranging from life coaching to yoga and massage.

Since many years I have been interested in the connection between mind and body and how it influences our being. My interest in people and health motivated me to do my first degree in Psychology, with a minor in Government. In 2011 I graduated from the Interdisciplinary Center, Herzlyia, Israel with a bachelor in both disciplinary specializations. I continued my studies right after in London, graduating with a Masters in War & Psychiatry from King’s College in 2012.

Throughout my post-graduate-travels in Sri Lanka and Australia I realized that I would like to get a deep understanding of the human body and its relation with the mind. This led me to do a yoga teacher certification and a nutritional coaching course. Since May 2013 I am a certified Yoga teacher and I finished my Eating Psychology Coach certification just a year after.

Learning and experience are extremely important to me, so I am always looking to attend different courses with great teachers. In December 2015 I received a 40hr teacher training from David Swenson, in January '16 I attended a yoga anatomy training with Gary Carter and deepened my Ashtanga yoga knowledge and practice in a retreat in India with Mark Robberds and Laruga Glaser. In April '17, I completed my Trauma Sensitive Yoga Certification. This allows me to support traumatized individuals on their way towards health with a research based method.
Just recently I completed my training as a Relaxation Coach. Throughout the certification I deepened my knowledge around stress, how it influences our mind and body, our health and well- being and how we can effectively cope with stress. As part of the training I was certified as an Autogenic Training and PMR instructor, two highly effective relaxation techniques. 

The holistic variety of my studies and experiences give me the tools to work on all levels of our being. I believe that complete health and well-being can only be achieved by looking at a person as a whole, as one entity made up of different units.

Besides the services I offer I am sharing my insights, knowledge, and lifestyle around psychology, nutrition, and yoga on my blog and social media. My blog and social media are for everyone who is interested in getting a better understanding of their selves, what makes us feel good and how we can implement that in our lives.

I intend to break stereotypes many people have about psychology, yoga, and nutrition. I want to show you how to apply and combine concepts of these fields to our modern way of life in order to create your own understanding of what ‘Being Me’ means to you. Besides the services I offer I share my thoughts and knowledge on my social media and my blogYou’ll find all kinds of posts my blog. From thoughts, which are a little deeper to simple ideas, recipes, pictures, and videos. I love both the complexity of life, as well as the simple things.

I hope that through my services and blog I can inspire and support you to allow yourself to be all you are, get to know yourself, grow, and be content with what is.




Nov. - Dec. '17 Certification 'Relaxation Coach'; as Part of the certification: certified Autogenic Training Instructor,  Progressive Muscle Relaxation Instructor

Sept. '16 - April '17  Trauma Sensitive Yoga Certification


Feb. '15 300 hr Yoga Teacher Certification, registered at the International Yoga Alliance

March '14 - March '15 Life Coaching Education

Jan. '14 - May '14 200 hr Yoga Teacher Certification, registered at the International Yoga Alliance

2011 - 2012 King's College London, MSC War & Psychiatry

2008 - 2011 IDC Herzylia, BA Psychology, Minor Government


Hamburg, Deutschland