The science of the mind can only have for its proper goal the understanding of the human nature by every human being, and through its use, brings peace to every human soul. - Alfred Adler

Holistic Coaching  & Psychological Mentoring

Coaching supports the client in becoming aware of his inner world, in uncovering his full potential, define and achieve goals and living a content life. Coaching is not psychotherapy. It is not suitable for deep- rooted psychological disorders. In coaching we do not focus on the roots of your problems, but support you in learning to deal with issues and move forward. In the sessions we generally focus on the positive and your strengths, while recognising what you perceive as negative. Understanding what does not work is important, yet dwelling on the negative reinforces it and keeps your thoughts and mind negative.

My fields of specialization:

  • Stressmanagement

  • Nutrition

  • post- & prenatal Mentoring

  • Crisis support
    (e.g. due to severe sickness, death of a loved one, accident, losing the job, divorce)

  • Personal Development & Growth

The coaching process stimulates the client’s curiosity of who he is and supports him in enhancing skills, resources and creativity, which are inherent to the client but currently not accessible. The client learns to recognise psychological barriers, fears, doubts, and anxiety and develops ways to deal with these.  Coaching is for you if you are looking to get to know your inner world in depth, tap into your strengths and learn to overcome internal conflicts and challenges. The coaching sessions support you in dealing with issues and struggles you are struggling with and helps you make use of your strengths.

You might be motivated to begin the coaching process because of a particular issue you are struggling with, an overall low well- being and feeling of dissatisfaction or because you are in a challenging period in life (such as going through grief or dealing with a sickness). A positive occasion might also be the reason for you to start a coaching process. This could be a pregnancy or post- natal phase in which you are looking to tap the full potential of this situation, stay relaxed throughout the process and connected to your self. 


My Method
Thanks to the combination of my studies and extended education I have been able to develop a unique method in which I consider our nature as holistic beings and therefore always combine mind and body in my work. The coaching sessions are a combination of talking, practicing mind exercises, relaxation techniques and physical exercises. The exact combination is unique to each client, depending on the need and preferences of the client.

My Bachelor in Psychology and Masters in Trauma Psychology provided me with a deep understanding of the human mind and psychology and taught me the importance of working with scientifically proven techniques. My education in life coaching allowed me to gain a deeper understanding of positive psychology and techniques, which have emerged from it. It inspired me to develop a strength-based approach, rather than looking at a person and focusing on what is wrong. Besides my psychology studies at university and my education in life coaching I also completed at a course as a Eating Psychology Coach and I am a certified 500 hr Yoga instructor as well as Trauma Sensitive Yoga Facilitator (TCTSY-F). This gives me a deep understanding of the human body and allows me to connect mind and body within my work.

Each meeting is 60 minutes long.



Hamburg, Deutschland